unusual sights in London

30 Unusual Sights in London

Anyone who has been on a Best LDN Walks London walking tour will know all too well that there are all sorts of weird and wonderful stories tucked-in within the folds of London’s past. This isn’t new information, but when we sat down and thought about it, there are loads of really awesome and forgotten

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20 Red London Telephone Boxes Facts

Ahhh, the red London telephone boxes. Every day we see hundred of tourists cram into these little iconic boxes or posing inside the doorways. On our Instagram Tour we even play a game we have delightfully called ‘How many people can you fit inside red London telephone boxes?’, for the record, our highest number was

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London Origins of Nursery Rhymes

We’re taught nursery rhymes at school and most of us sing these cute little songs without really thinking much about the origins and where they came from. We did a little digging to find the London origins of nursery rhymes. These seemingly cute songs actually have a much darker and macabre background. Baa Baa Black

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Disgusting London Facts

Disgusting London facts, tales of death, sewage, sex and rum. London Bridge – Executions As you cross London Bridge to enter into Southwark, you’re met with a giant stone spike or spire, ever noticed? Most haven’t. It represents the spikes that once adorned London Bridge. If you were in London in Tudor London and you’d

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8 Awesome things to do in London’s best toilets

We’ve tracked down 8 awesome things to do in London’s best toilets. From coffee to wine and from croissants to red lippy shaped thrones, this is the guide to the best of London’s white porcelain firing ranges. If you are are slightly curious about the history of our sewers and the disgusting, torrid tales of

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Have a Roald Dahl Day in London

Anyone born in the 1980s will be part of the Roald Dahl generation. We were brought up with friendly giants, witches turning children into mice, rivers of chocolate and the dream of getting our own back on our parent’s by gluing their hats on their heads. With two Roald Dahl inspired productions tearing through the

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